Trap-Neuter-Release Program (TNR)

This program has been an effective way of controlling Georgetown County’s feral cat population.

Saint Frances Animal Center, whenever possible and as funding allows, provides this service at no cost to the public. Please call the clinic for updated pricing at 843-546-0780.

How The Program Works
Now available for all Counties:

Members of the public can bring in up to two cats on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, no appointment required. The cats MUST be in humane live traps, one cat per trap – no exceptions. This schedule may be altered during holidays or staff training days, so we recommend calling to confirm ahead of time!

If you do not have access to a humane trap, one can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks from the Center.  A deposit is required. Guidelines for trapping are provided

Spay/Neuter surgeries are completed on all healthy cats; each cat also receives a rabies vaccine and an eartip (an eartip is a crop of the left ear to indicate that the cat has been fixed and vaccinated).

Healthy feral cats will be returned to you the very same day, and can be released the morning after surgery.  A Saint Frances Technician will speak to you when you arrive to pick-up your cat.  Remember, cats must be released where they were captured.


Saint Frances Animal Center does our best to provide this service at an accessible cost to the public. As grant funding permits, TNR surgeries (which include a rabies vaccine and an eartip) are provided to our community free-of-charge. In instances where subsidized funding is not available, a co-pay may be required. Please call ahead to verify.

Other services may be elected at the time of surgery, at the owner’s discretion and cost. These include testing, other vaccines, microchipping, and parasite treatment.

Drop Off and Pick-Up

Cat Drop Off: 8:00AM Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Cat Pick-Up: Cats will be picked up the following day at 7:30AM

Additional Care
Every cat trapped and brought to Saint Frances will be handled with the care and compassion that every animal at Saint Frances receives. Some cats might require additional treatment for injuries and infections. The need of each cat brought in under our T/N/R Program will be assessed and addressed.  After surgery, we recommend that cats be sheltered overnight & released the next day.