Trap-Neuter-Release Program (TNR)

This program has been an effective way of controlling Georgetown County’s feral cat population.
Thanks to donations from our supporters, SFAC has been able to offer this program to $55.00 for the public.

How The Program Works
Now available for all Counties:

  • Contact the Center at 843-546-0780 and make an appointment to bring trapped feral & stray cats in for surgery.
  • If you do not have access to a humane trap, one can be borrowed for up to 1 week from the Center.  A deposit is required
  • Guidelines for trapping are provided
  • Trapped cats will be admitted to the Center where they will be screened for any injuries and tested for feline(FeLv) and feline aids (FIV)
  • Cats tested positive for FeLv/FIV may be humanely euthanized.  Cats in need of medical care are immediately attended to.  Spay/Neuter surgeries are
    completed on all healthy cats and each receives a rabies vaccine and a notch in their left ear
  • Healthy feral cats will be returned to you the very same day.  A Saint Frances Technician will speak to you when you arrive to pick-up your cat.  Remember,
    cats should be released where they were captured.
  • Continue to feed and care for your cats.

The $55.00/per feral cat program includes:

  • Spay/Neuter Surgery, Rabies Vaccination, Feline Leukemia & Aids Test as well as Ear Tipping to identify that the cat has been altered.
    Cat Surcharges for in-heat, pregnant or cryptorchid  $25 – $45 additonal.

Additional Options
Microchip – $15.00

Cat Drop Off: 8:00AM -9:00 AM
Cat Pick-Up: Usually by 4:30PM

Additional Care
Every cat trapped and brought to Saint Frances will be handled with the care and compassion that every animal at Saint Frances
receives. Some cats might require additional treatment for injuries and infections. The need of each cat brought in under our
T/N/R Program will be assessed and addressed.  After surgery, we recommend that cats be sheltered overnight & released the
next day.