Planned Giving

Leaving a gift in your Will


Gifts in Wills (legacies) are one of the many sources of income for charities.  This money has a major impact on the work charities do and is extremely important to all sorts of causes.

There are two main methods of leaving gifts to charity in a Will:

  1. A specific gift
    This could be a specified sum of money or perhaps a specific item such as gift of jewelry, stocks or property. If you opt to give a specific cash sum you should remember that rises in inflation will affect the value of this over time and reduce the final impact of the gift.
  2. The residue of your estate
    After remembering family and friends in your Will, you may like to leave some or all of what is left over to charity. This is the best way to leave a gift to charity as it is not affected directly by inflation so your charity will receive the maximum possible benefit from your generosity.

Talk with your family and your attorney to set up a

Legacy for Saint Frances Animal Center