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Heartworm is a serious condition that primarily affects dogs (but can sometimes affect cats and ferrets, as well). Dogs are infected when they are bitten by affected mosquitoes, who may carry the heartworm larva. Dogs can only be infected through mosquito bites – a heartworm positive dog will not affect any other pets in your household. Because heartworm is transmitted through mosquitoes, warm, humid climates like South Carolina are the ideal condition for the parasite to spread – South Carolina is the 5th most affected state by this condition. Once infected, heartworms lodge in the dog’s heart, lungs, and surrounding blood vessels, and continue to reproduce. The worms can cause lung disease, heart disease, and failure in other organs, if left untreated for too long. Preventing heartworm is easy – dogs should be given monthly heartworm preventative that can be purchased at your vet, or over the counter. Treating heartworm, though, is much more costly and difficult. The treatment, at cost, runs $275, and takes 7 months from start to finish.

At Saint Frances, about 15% of the dogs that come into our shelter each year are already infected with heartworm – between 200-300 dogs each year. At a cost of $275 per dog, treatment would cost the shelter as much as $80,000 a year – a significant price tag for a small, rural shelter with a limited budget! To keep our dogs healthy and adoption ready, Saint Frances relies on the compassion and generosity of our wonderful supporters to help us treat HW+ dogs. Please consider a gift to our Heart Healthy Fund, to help us treat these wonderful dogs and give them a fresh start in life.

Choose to support a saint’s heartworm treatment for any amount, or sponsor a saint for the full amount of treatment ($275).  If you want to choose a specific heartworm positive pup for your donation to benefit, please scroll down to view some of the dogs currently awaiting treatment and simply add their name to the instructions line when checking out.

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CeeCee Sponsored 2CeeCee:  This sweet girl has been left behind by two families, and she just doesn’t understand why. CeeCee is a timid girl – cats make her a little nervous, loud noises make her a little nervous, strangers coming at her too fast make her nervous. But, in spite of all her nerves, CeeCee just wags her tail shyly, looks up at you with her doe eyes, and offers you kisses. This girl is all sweetness and love, and just wants a family who will be hers forever.
 Copper Sponsored 2Copper has been at the shelter since before Christmas – 8 long months waiting for someone to fall in love with him. It can be hard to fall in love with Copper, at first. This poor guy hasn’t had a lot of positive interactions with people before he got to the shelter, so his inclination is to keep his distance from you. Copper needs a family who will shower him with love, and help him trust people again. It will take a little bit of work, but we know it will be worth it when you finally see the love and loyalty this dog has to give.
 Mariah Sponsored 2Mariah:  She may not have the size of a Rottweiler, but this goofy lady has all the sass of one! Mariah is stubborn and strong, but she’s also hilarious and amazing. Mariah wants to go where she wants to go, and it can be hard telling her otherwise! But you will fall so instantly in love with her when you see this sweet girl, brimming with personality, that her stubborn side will seem absolutely charming. Just don’t try to put her in a crate – she really hates that!
 Trudy Sponsored 2Trudy:  This older gal still has so much love and life left in her. Trudy was found as a stray, and we just absolutely cannot imagine why. A beautiful yellow lab, with the sweet, silly personality characteristic of labs, Trudy is kind of the perfect dog. We hoped her family would come find her when she came to us in May, but alas, nobody has. So Trudy waits for another family who know just how special those lab ladies are.
 Sully Sponsored 2Sully looks like a bruiser, we aren’t going to lie. He’s beefy, with a face that looks kind of surly. But oh, this beefcake will melt your heart when you meet him! He isn’t crazy about sharing his space with other dogs – Sully is a lone wolf, that way. But not when it comes to people. People are Sully’s pack. He just needs to find his forever pack.
 Logan Sponsored 2As part of the treatment for heartworm, dogs have to be kept relatively quiet for 6 months (no excessive playing). Logan laughs in the face of keeping quiet. This little ball of energy is ready for the challenge, though, so he’s begging you to sponsor his treatment!
Sponsored 2
Goofy Baxter has no idea how to walk on a leash. He has no idea that other dogs think he’s a little bit of a pest. He has no idea that potential adopters don’t want him slobbering all over them. But what he does know is that he’s had heartworm for too long, and he’s done with it!
Sponsored 2
Linda:  This girl was named after one of our awesome volunteers – we thought it would give her good luck! She’s still waiting on that good luck to kick in – sponsoring her heartworm treatment would be just the ticket!
Sponsored 2
Her sister Tia didn’t have heartworm – and she found herself a home. Tamara can’t help but think that it’s her heartworm preventing *her* from finding her family.
Sponsored 2
Woody’s favorite thing to do is lie at your feet and flop onto his back for belly rubs. His second favorite thing to do is to get a clean bill of health, so he can get belly rubs in a home of his very own.
Sponsored 2
Zeus is an old man – and we all know, the aging process is not kind to our bodies! He’s a bit arthritic. A bit deaf. He’s got bad breath. And darn it if he doesn’t have heartworm, to boot! We’ll work on his breath, if you’ll help us work on his heartworm!
Sponsored 2
Jasmine:  This girl ain’t nothing but a hound dog, crying *all* the time. We want to clear up her heartworm, to see if this precious thing can’t manage to howl even louder with a healthy heart and lungs! She might earn a Guinness World Record . . .
Sponsored 2
Poor Gus has visited our shelter a number of times, unable to find the right family who will keep him safe forever. He knows this next time is the charm, though. He wants to get all spruced up so his forever family doesn’t miss him – and that includes a healthy heart!
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Tyson:  The only thing better than a lab is a fat lab (we aren’t endorsing over-feeding your animals, but this hunk of love is just too much cuteness!). Tyson came in with his slimmer brother Holden, and he’s feeling a bit self-conscious about his weight. So help a brother out, and at least help make him heart healthy!