Life Saving Statistics

For over 30 years St. Frances Animal Center has taken in Georgetown County’s abandoned, lost, broken, and beaten dogs and cats.  The Center has come a long way over those 30 years and today we have over 100 animals in the care of a licensed veterinarian and our incredibly committed staff on any given day.  The St. Frances staff nurses them to health, feeds, vaccinates, spays/neuters, and socializes them.  We then work tirelessly to find them forever homes.

Due to the intake of all animals brought to us by Georgetown City and County Animal Control, in all kinds of desperate situations, we are sometimes faced with unavoidable realities.  When an animal is suffering due to illness or injury beyond the scope of our means or abilities, or when an animal’s temperament makes it a danger to animals or people, we have an obligation to end suffering.  St. Frances does not euthanize for space.  We strive to save and place every animal in our care and pursue all reasonable efforts to provide for their well-being.

Our 2018 stats are in!  We cared for a total of 2253 animals; complete shelter statistics can be found here.

St. Frances cared for 2185 animals in 2017.  For our 2017 shelter statistics, click here.  

St. Frances cared for 1595 animals in 2016.  For more information, click here.

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